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Is Anuj Kapadia Leaving The Show Anupama

In Star Plus' popular serial Anupama, it will be seen that Shruti is about to make Anuj wear the ring but he is unable to wear the ring, after which Aadhya will create a lot of drama.

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Is Anuj Kapadia Leaving The Show Anupama

These days, Star Plus's popular serial Anupama is showing the wedding preparations of Shruti and Anuj. In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Shruti proposes to Anuj. Shruti is about to make Anuj wear a ring when Anupama collides with the utensils. Seeing this, Anuj goes to Anupama. And the ring falls. Shruti and Aadhya see Anuj leaving. Yashdeep reaches there before Anuj reaches there. Anupama sees that Anuj is not wearing the ring, and Anupama leaves from there. Anuj then sees that the ring has fallen. Anuj goes to Shruti with the ring but Shruti takes the ring from Anuj.

Anuj Shruti Sangeet

Aadhya will get angry

Aadhya gets angry and says that Anupama has done this knowingly. Anuj explains to Aadhya that she is misbehaving. Anuj tries to convince Aadhya. Aadhya gets angry at Shruti and says that it is your fault that you called her. Aadhya says that she is unfortunate, her dress got torn due to her arrival. Shruti says that Anupama has fixed your dress.

The latest news on Anupama

Anupama is alone in the restaurant and Baa comes there. Baa says I knew you would be here. Bapuji has asked to leave me alone. Leave Anupama alone for now, but I am Leela, I don't listen to anyone. After this Baa hugs Anupama. Baa says that she will not talk about anything. Both of them cook together. Anupama asks Baa to teach me how to cook Gujarati food. I want to win everyone's hearts by cooking in the competition.

Anu baa

Aadhya created a scene in anger

Anuj thinks about Anupama that you were breaking down inside but you kept a smile on Aadhya's face. Aadhya gets angry with you because of me. Anuj smells something burning. He sees that Aadhya has burnt her lehenga which was repaired by Anupama. Aadhya says angrily I don't even want Anupama's shadow in my life.


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The restaurant will be closed

The next day a notice is put up at Spice and Chutney restaurant. Anupama comes and sees that the restaurant is closed and a notice is put up there. So many twists and turns are going to come in the upcoming episodes.

The latest twist in Anupama

The character of Gaurav Khanna in Rupali Ganguly starrer television show 'Anupama' has received a lot of love from the audience. Gaurav Khanna is playing the character of Anuj in the show and has become very popular among television fans. A credit for 'Anupama' continuously remaining in the TRP chart also goes to Gaurav Khanna. Despite this, there are reports that Gaurav Khanna's track is going to be removed from the show, but now the truth of these reports has come to light.

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Anupama's latest serial gossip

These claims have been declared false in the exclusive report of Free Press Journal. A source associated with the show 'Anupamaa' told the website, "These reports are completely wrong. Gaurav playing the character of Anuj will remain an important part of the show. These are all rumors, which are fabricated. Gaurav is not leaving this show.


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Ongoing news of ending Anuj's track

Let us tell you that the news of Gaurav Khanna leaving 'Anupama made the fans sad. It is being claimed in many media reports that Anuj will meet with a car accident and he will leave Aadhya alone. Let us tell you that 'Anupama' is one of the top TV shows in the country. Rupali Ganguly is playing the lead role in it. At the same time, Anuj Kapadia's character is being played by Gaurav Khanna, Vanraj Shah's character is being played by Sudhanshu Pandey and Kavya's character is being played by Madalsa Sharma. So far, many twists and turns have been seen in the story of lead actress Anupama in the show and reports have claimed that Anuj's track has ended.

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