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Mr. Beast Challenges CEO of T-Series

Mr Beast vs. T-Series: A YouTube star challenges the head of an Indian music label to a boxing fight.

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Mr. Beast Challenges CEO of T-Series

MrBeast, an internet star, has dared the CEO of T-Series to a boxing match. This comes at a time when MrBeast is closing the gap in YouTube subscribers with T-Series, which has the most subscribers.

mrbeast vs t series

Bhushan Kumar dua

On their website, T-Series (Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited) doesn't list a CEO. The company is run by Bhushan Kumar, who is also the managing director and chairman. MrBeast posted a picture of a comparison between the number of subscribers to his channel and the T-Series channel on X and wrote, "I challenge the CEO of T-Series to a boxing match." He was following the trend of celebrities challenging each other on the Internet.

T-Series vs Mr Beast

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, has become very famous very quickly because of the crazy and interesting things he posts. With so many subscribers, his channel is getting close to T-Series, so it looks like the stage is set for an epic battle of the digital giants.

T-Series subscribers on YouTube

Thanks to its 265 million followers, T-Series has become a household name on YouTube and solidified its position as the leader. MrBeast's channel now has over 258 million followers, leaving only about six million behind.

The planned boxing match brings a physical element to a rivalry that has mostly been fought online, which has fans and spectators excited. In the same period, MrBeast recently made his TV debut with the announcement of "Beast Games," an Amazon-backed game show with a $5 million prize pool and 1,000 participants.

T-Series vs pewdiepie

This upcoming fight, along with MrBeast's ongoing battle with T-Series to become YouTube's most-subscribed channel, only shows how determined he is to become the king of YouTube. The fight went on into 2019 when MrBeast backed PewDiePie in his fight with T-series over the number of subscribers.

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Mr beast vs T-Series

Although PewDiePie made every effort, his competition eventually overtook him, and T-series became the most subscribed channel on YouTube. Meanwhile, MrBeast blew past every other YouTube creator until he was left as T-Series's sole challenger for the title of most-subscribed YouTube channel.

mrbeast vs t series

More than 4.1K people commented on the post, which got 5.1 million hits. Someone wrote, "Sub War Time Baby." "Oh it's on," wrote someone else. "You would win, hands down!" said a third person. A fourth person said, "I wish this would happen."

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