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Park Bo-ram dies at the age of 30

Korean singer Park Bo Ram dies at the age of 30, and drank alcohol with friends before death.

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Park Bo-ram dies at the age of 30

Famous K-pop singer Park Bo-ram is no more. At the age of 30, the famous Korean star has said goodbye to the world. He died suddenly on the night of 11 April in South Korea. Park Bo-ram's death has been confirmed by his agency XANADU Entertainment. At the same time, police officers are now investigating this matter.

Park Bo-ram dies at the age of 30

XANADU Entertainment Statement

The statement issued by the agency said, "We are here to share the sad news that Park Bo Ram passed away suddenly late at night on April 11." All artists and executives of XANADU Entertainment are deeply saddened by the passing of Park Bo-ram. It is even more painful that we have to suddenly break this news to all the fans who support Park Bo-ram.

Park Bo-ram Death News

According to the report, the South Namyangju Police Station said that Park Bo-ram was partying with her friends last night. She went to the bathroom at around 9:55 pm but did not return for a long time. Her friends then went to the bathroom to check on her, where they found the singer unconscious over the sink. Park Bo-ram was taken to the hospital, where she was declared dead.


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Park Bo-ram death Cause was not known

However, the cause of death is not yet known. According to several media reports, the police are currently investigating the sudden death of Park Bo-ram. Park Bo-ram was a well-known name in the South Korean entertainment industry and today she is about to complete 10 years in the industry. For the biggest achievement of her career, she released a duet track 'I Hope' with Huh Gak. She was also going to release her studio album this year.

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Park Bo-ram career

Park Bo-ram started her career in 2010 with the singing show 'Superstar K2', for which she received a lot of praise. She made her solo debut in 2014 with the song 'Beautiful'. In her decade-long career, she sang songs like 'Please Say Something', 'Even Do It Is a Lie', 'Two Worlds', 'Celebrity', 'Sorry' and 'Pretty Bay'.

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