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Vikrant Massey Fight With A Cab Driver

A video of Bollywood's hit hero Vikrant Messi is going viral on social media. In this video, Vikrant Massey is seen arguing with a cab driver for just Rs 450. People have also given their reactions to this video of Vikrant Messi.

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Vikrant Massey Fight With A Cab Driver

Vikrant Massey, who has a place in the hearts of people with his acting by working in Bollywood films like 'Chhapaak' and '12th Fail', has achieved fame on his own. After working in television for many years, Vikrant Massey got a chance to work in Bollywood films and after becoming successful, he also became a superhit hero. Vikrant is known for his down-to-earth nature.

Vikrant Massey News

Despite being a big hero, Vikrant Massey lives his life like an ordinary person. Now a video of Vikrant Massey with a cab driver is going viral on Instagram. In this video, it is shown that Vikrant Messi is seen arguing with the cab driver for just Rs 450. This video has been posted by the cab driver himself. As soon as the video was posted, it went viral on social media platforms.

Vikrant Massey Fight

In this video viral on social media, the cab driver is seen arguing with Vikrant Messi. The cab driver even tells Vikrant that you are such a big star and earns so much money still you are arguing for Rs 450. The cab driver himself Made This video on his phone.

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The video starts with the cab driver talking. In which the cab driver starts the video by saying that it is not my fault, I am asking for the same money that is shown in the cab. Vikrant Messi also gives his stand on this and refuses to make the video. In this video, the driver is seen arguing over money.

Vikrant Messi has become the hit hero of Bollywood.

Vikrant Massey is counted among the heroes of Bollywood. Vikrant Massey's previous film 12th Fail was a hit at the box office. People gave a lot of love to the character of Vikrant Massey in this film. People liked this film based on the 12th Fail Novel a lot.


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Vikrant Massey upcoming movies

This film is based on the life of IPS police officer Manoj Sharma. Vikrant Massey played the lead role in the film based on this novel. Vikrant Massey had received a lot of praise for this character. Vikrant Massey has given many hit films in Bollywood. Apart from this, he has also won the hearts of people with series like Mirzapur on OTT.

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