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Which Actress called Kritika Malik a Lizard

Payal Malik has given a befitting reply to Rakhi Sawant. Actually, Rakhi Sawant had released a video in which she said that she would demand justice for Payal. Now on this matter, Payal Malik has given a befitting reply to her through a video. Payal has asked Rakhi to stay away from her family.

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Which Actress called Kritika Malik a Lizard

Ever since Armaan Malik came with both his wives in Bigg Boss OTT season 3, he has been targeted equally. Sometimes, the YouTuber remains in the discussion for having two wives and sometimes on other issues. However, now his first wife Payal Malik is out of the show and he is currently a part of the show with his second wife Kritika.

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Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant had commented on Armaan Malik's family, on which Payal has now vented her anger. Payal has released a video asking Rakhi Sawant not to create controversy and stay out of her life. When Payal was out of the house, Rakhi had said that she would fight for her justice. Now Payal has scolded her and asked her to stay away from the family.

I did not ask for justice from you - Payal

Payal was so angry with this that she started talking directly by saying Tu Tadak. In the video she has released, she says, "I feel that you have no work, that's why you are targeting my family. You are saying that you will demand justice for me but I have not asked for any justice from you. You need to give justice to those three or four people whom you married."

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Rakhi Sawant had targeted the Malik family

Payal further said, "You are calling Kritika a lizard and abusing Armaan? Who told you to demand justice for me? You just want to create controversy and nothing else. There is no such problem in our family, so it would be better if you stay away from it."

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Payal also gave a warning at the end saying that this is not my last video. If you try to target my family again, then I will give you a befitting reply.

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