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Kritika Malik Biography: Age, Husband, Bigg Boss OTT 3 Contestant

Hello friends, in today's post I am going to tell you about the biography of Kritika Malik, friends she is a TikTok star and a YouTuber, for now in today's post I am going to tell you complete information related to.

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Kritika Malik Biography: Age, Husband, Bigg Boss OTT 3 Contestant

Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 has started and many interesting contestants are seen in this season. One of them is popular YouTuber Kritika Malik, who has joined the show with her husband Armaan Malik, and his first wife Payal Malik.

Kritika Malik

Biography of Kritika Malik

Kritika Malik's life is like an open book, which hides the story of love, controversy, and being on social media. Would you like to know who is Kritika Malik and how has her journey been? Kritika Malik is not just a YouTuber, but a person who has seen many ups and downs in her life. Many aspects of her story can inspire everyone. She is a woman who has fought for her love by challenging the rules and traditions of society. Also, she has made a mark in the hearts of millions of people through social media.

kritika malik

Would you like to know those things about her that have not been revealed to you till now? If yes, then you must read this article of Kritika Malik's biography...

Who is Kritika Malik?

Kritika Malik is a contestant of Bigg Boss OTT 3. She is the second wife of YouTuber Armaan Malik and has joined the show with her husband and his first wife Payal Malik. Kritika revealed in the live feed of the show that she saw Bigg Boss in her dream, who is a six-foot-tall and charming personality. Kritika feels that Bigg Boss is closest to her this season.

kritika malik

Kritika Malik's Early Life and Education

Kritika Malik, born on 20 March 1994 in New Delhi, is a well-known Indian YouTuber and actress. She is also famous as the wife of Armaan Aamir. Kritika's early education took place at 'Kamal Public Senior Secondary School, Vikaspuri, New Delhi'. Moving forward in the path of education, she graduated from 'Delhi University'. Kritika's life reaches millions of hearts through YouTube and acting. Her success story not only includes her hard work, but her education and family support also play a significant role. Kritika remains an inspiration for young girls today.

Kritika Malik's Marriage

Kritika Malik is a famous Indian YouTuber and actress, best known as the second wife of "Armaan Malik". Born on 20 March 1994 in New Delhi, Kritika is fondly called "Golu" by her fans. She is known not only for her beauty but also for her passion for fitness and often shares her videos while working out in the gym.

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Kritika Malik Family

Kritika's family consists of her father "Tarun Basra" and mother "Lalita Basra", as well as her two younger siblings: sister "Swati Basra" and brother "Kushal Basra". Kritika tied the knot with “Armaan Malik” on 13 October 2018 and her life embarked on a new journey. On 6 April 2023, her life took a new turn of happiness when she welcomed her son “Zaid Malik”. Being Armaan's second wife, Kritika also became the mother of Armaan's previous three children.

Kritika malik with family

Kritika Malik's life is an inspiration in itself, in which she has maintained a balance in both YouTube and personal life, and has made a special place in the hearts of her loved ones.

Kritika Malik's Career

Kritika Malik's story is an inspirational journey, starting from the world of modeling to digital stardom. After her modeling debut, Kritika started making videos on TikTok with her husband. But when TikTok was banned, she did not give up. Kritika started her YouTube channel and explored new dimensions of her creativity there.

kritika malik

In 2021, Kritika turned to music videos and showed her acting skills in hit songs like “Mera Ni Hoya” “Kaami” and “Pagal” in 2022. Apart from this, along with her best friend Payal, she started a YouTube channel called “Talk with Kritika and Payal”. Not only this, Kritika and Payal also opened a beauty salon called “Hair Garden Salon”, where they are touching new heights in the world of beauty. This journey of Kritika Malik shows how new chapters of success can be written with true passion and hard work.

Kritika Malik's Social Media Profile

Kritika Malik Details

Kritika Malik's entry in Bigg Boss OTT 3 is an exciting moment for her fans. Her unique personal life and popularity on social media will make the show even more interesting. Although the topic of having two marriages with her husband Armaan has been controversial, Kritika is expected to win the hearts of the audience with her personality and talent. Bigg Boss has always brought together people from different backgrounds on one platform, and Kritika's entry will carry forward this tradition.

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