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Why is Mukesh Khanna Furious on New Shaktimaan Casting

For the past several days, there were reports that he will play the lead role in a film based on the 90s hit show Shaktimaan. Now actor Mukesh Khanna is angry over his casting.

Why is Mukesh Khanna Furious on New Shaktimaan Casting

Actor Mukesh Khanna, who became everyone's favorite by playing the same character in the 90s hit show 'Shaktimaan', does not shy away from speaking on the negative side of the glamor world. Through this show, he became the favorite character of children. For the last few days, the news has been coming that a film will be made on 'Shaktimaan', whose role will be played by Ranveer Singh.

Mukesh Khanna

In the 90's, Mukesh Khanna used to be a children's superhero. At that time, this show coming on TV was also ahead in the TRP race. Whenever someone was in trouble, he would come to the powerful people for help, dressed in red and floating in the air. In the same show, Mukesh Khanna also played the character of 'Gangadhar'. Mukesh Khanna's popularity in both forms was tremendous. So much so that even today people remember him for this role.

Mukesh Khanna lashed out at Ranveer Singh's casting

For the last few days, news has been coming that the story of the show 'Shaktimaan' will be shown as a film. Ranveer Singh will play the main role in the show. As soon as this news spread like wildfire, Mukesh Khanna got angry. The actor has protested against the casting speculations on social media. Raising the issue of Ranveer Singh's image, he took a dig at him becoming 'Shaktiman'.

mukesh Khanna and Ranveer singh

'A person with such an image cannot become Shaktiman'

While sharing the post on social media, Mukesh Khanna said that despite Ranveer Singh's star power, he can never become Shaktimaan. He posted, 'The entire social media was full of rumors for months that Ranveer will do Shaktimaan and everyone was angry about it. I remained silent. But when channels also started announcing that Ranveer had been signed, I had to open my mouth. I said that no matter how big a star a person with such an image is, he cannot become Shaktiman.

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Mukesh Khanna has spoken openly about this on YouTube. He advised that if he wanted to show off his physique, he should look for roles in other countries where nudity is prevalent. He said, 'You go and live in another country, like Finland or Spain. There is a nudist camp there. Go out there, and show it. Work in such types of films, where you will get to do a nude scene in every third scene.