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Will Johnny Depp Be In Pirates Of The Caribbean 6

Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer, talks about how things are going with the idea of Johnny Depp returning as Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Will Johnny Depp Be In Pirates Of The Caribbean 6

In the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Johnny Depp might return at some time. Jack Sparrow, the series' main character, is a role that Depp is famous for. The movies got their idea from a ride at Disneyland with the same name. They finally grew into a five-movie series that did well at the box office. It has made about $4.5 billion, and there will likely be a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which will likely be a reboot of the series.

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Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow

It's not likely that Depp will play the lead part in the reboot, but he could still show up and maybe play the same role again. When asked about it by Entertainment Tonight, director Jerry Bruckheimer said that Depp could still show up, especially if Bruckheimer has a say in it. He even said that he had already talked to Depp about the possibility of Depp being in the next reboot. Read the whole quote below:

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If it were up to me, of course. I love having Depp... I like him as an actor and as a friend. I have talked to him, but Let's see what happens.

Why Johnny Depp might come back in more Pirates of the Caribbean movies

Depp is a big part of the franchise.

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Depp has made Jack Sparrow's character his own throughout his work on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He always stands out as the happy, daring pirate who jumps from fight to fight and brings good vibes to each one. A lot of the time, he's the main character in every ad, trailer, and scene. Since the premiere of Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003, Depp has been a big part of the series and the main face of the idea. Many people think that Pirates would not have been as effective without Depp.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Tamil dubbed movie download Tamilrockers

But, despite what he's done, the brand may soon be growing without Depp. Both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were criticized in the defamation case that got a lot of attention, and Disney, which is known for being family-friendly, may want to stay out of the debate. Bruckheimer said that he has already been invited back to work on the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but it's unlikely that he will play a lead part. Still, any amount of involvement shows that Disney still thinks it can accept Depp, who won the case against Heard for libel.

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Jack Pirates of the Caribbean Age

The fact that Depp may have grown too old for his part is another reason for it. At 60 years old, the actor may no longer be interested in being a swashbuckler. He has been moving into a job as a director. One of his future movies, Modi, stars Al Pacino and is directed by Depp. Depp has also been playing less important parts since the pandemic. Disney might want to try something new after 20 years of Jack Sparrow because the actor is taking a break. That being said, Depp might still come back for a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 6 cast

There are rumors that Ayo Edebiri and Austin Butler will be in the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which doesn't have an official release date yet. However, no official announcement on the casting has been made.


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