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Anupama 11th January 2024 Full Episode

Kinjal will meet Anu in America, this will be a big twist in the show due to Anuj's accident. Check Anupama 11th January 2024 Full Episode.

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Anupama 11th January 2024 Full Episode

Anupamaa, starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, has recently taken a significant step forward. Anupama's life has completely changed, and she now works as a waitress in America. However, she won everyone's hearts with her cooking abilities and went on to become a chef. Anupama's life is progressing slowly.

Because of Anuj's accident, a major twist is going to come in Anupamaa Serial

Anuj is also in America with his younger brother Anup, who is now known as Aadhya. Shruti has entered his life, and Anuj is engaged to her. She is, however, unaware of Anuj, Aadhya, and Anupama's past. She meets Anupama and becomes a fan of hers. In India, Vanraj is now a wealthy man who rules the Shah House.

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Kinjal and Anupama will meet in America.

Vanraj has spoilt Dimpy's son Ansh and restricts Dimpy from ever approaching the boy. Vanraj has returned to his old nasty ways. He also knows that Anupama has finally arrived in America. He laughed when he found out she worked as a waiter there. However, Baa tells her that Anupama works hard and will be successful soon.

Vanraj avoids things, but his family members often talk about Anupama, which makes him jealous. In the next episodes, fans will witness Vanraj get uncomfortable about Anupama and wish to put a halt to her success.


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Toshu will run away from Anupama in America.

He will shake hands with his son Toshu, who is currently in the United States. Toshu will run away from Anupama to support Vanraj. Kinjal, on the other hand, will find Anupama and be delighted to meet her. She'll find out about Toshu and Vanraj's plot soon. Toshu is going to ask her to remain silent, but Kinjal will choose to support Anupama instead. Newcomers to the show include Sukirti Kandpal, Aura Bhatnagar, Trishan Shah, Dishi Duggal, Chandni Bhagwanani, and Aadhya Barot.

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