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Bigg Boss 17 16th January 2024 DailyMotion

Top 2 Contestants Ankita Lokhande has been a well-known actress in the TV world. In such a situation, her fan following is also strong.

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Bigg Boss 17 16th January 2024 DailyMotion

There are only 12 days left for Bigg Boss Season 17 to end and still eight contestants remain in Salman Khan's show. After the elimination of Samarth Jurel, the eight contestants who have currently confirmed their place in this controversial show of Colors include Munawar Faruqui, Isha Malviya, Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Ayesha Khan, Mannara Chopra, Abhishek Kumar and Arun Mashetti.  After Samarth Jurel, now another contestant is going to say goodbye to the show this week. Let us see which contestant has got the most votes in Week 14 and which contestant has the highest chance of going.

After Samarth from Bigg Boss 17, now this contestant will be eliminated

As Bigg Boss Season 17 is moving towards its final stage, fans are also voting in large numbers to take their favorite contestants to the finale. Last week, Samarth Jurel with the least votes was evicted from the show. After last week, the voting list for the 14th week has also been revealed.

The discussion about the winner of Bigg Boss 17 is in full swing. Now there are only a few players left in the show and only one of them will become the winner. Two players came out ahead in this race. Debate has also started on social media about his becoming the winner. Ankita Lokhande is a well-known actress in the TV world. In such a situation, her fan following is also strong. Whereas, Munawar Faruqui has been a popular stand-up comedian and winner of Lock Up. Since the beginning of Bigg Boss 17, he is considered to have a strong claim to win.

Abhishek's real personality

Abhishek Kumar secretly made a place among Ankita Lokhande and Munawar Faruqui's popularity. Now one of the fans of Bigg Boss 17 wants to see him becoming the winner. Even though Abhishek's game was not strong at the beginning of the game, his real personality impressed the audience. However, he has had disagreements with most of the contestants in the show.

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Debate broke out regarding the top 2

A fan page on social media shared a post related to the top 2 contestants of Bigg Boss 17. Also asked whether Abhishek Kumar and Ankita Lokhande would become the top 2 contestants in the finale. After this, a debate broke out on social media. Some users agreed and said that Abhishek would become the winner.

Munawar's fans got angry

Some fans of Bigg Boss 17 took Ankita Lokhande's side and declared her the winner. At the same time, some users did not like these top 2 contestants, because they saw Munawar Faruqui as the winner.

Ayesha spoils Munna's game

Munawar Faruqui has been a strong player in Bigg Boss, but Ayesha Khan's entry spoiled his game. Caught in personal life complications, Munawwar gradually lost his grip on the game, which directly benefited the other contestants.

Salman Khan's hosted show 'Bigg Boss 17' is just a few days away from the grand finale. Even before the show reached its final stage, Samarth Jurel was eliminated. Now there are 8 contestants left after them, among whom there is tough competition to reach the finale. In the upcoming episodes, a nomination task will be seen among the housemates for Ticket to Finale, in which the contestants will be seen crossing all limits to win.

The battle for a ticket to the finale begins

The grand finale of 'Bigg Boss 17' will take place this month. Out of the remaining 8 contestants, one or two are going to be eliminated in the mid-week eviction. Who will be evicted next time will be revealed during the nomination task. 8 contestants have been divided into two teams. They will be given a nomination task, in which the one who loses will be removed from the ticket to the finale.

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Contestants divided into two teams

Contestants are divided into two teams. Team A consists of Munawar Faruqui, Abhishek Kumar, Mannara Chopra, and Arun Mashetti. Whereas, Team B consists of Isha Malviya, Vicky Jain, Ayesha Khan, and Ankita Lokhande. The team was given a task, in which they would be told that as long as the buzzer remained pressed, their chances of staying safe would be higher. This task will continue for two days.

Munawar's team performed on the first day. They all stood up holding the buzzer. Munawar and Mannara were tied with one rope, while Arun and Abhishek were tied with the other rope. During this, as per the task, Team B throws things at them. Vicky throws water on Mannara. Ayesha pours oil. She even puts red chili on Mannara's face. Manara gets irritated by this and asks her not to do so. At the same time, Arun says that Mannara is not a weak target.

Bigg Boss 17 Abhishek

During the task, Ayesha pours water on everyone. Isha and Ankita throw water on everyone. Abhishek shouts that someone should pour water. On the other hand, Ayesha advises Mannara to leave the game. To this Mannara replies that she never leaves her ropes and relationships.

A wax strip was applied to Abhishek

The task does not end here. When Ankita's turn comes, she applies wax strips on Abhishek's face. On this Abhishek says that Vicky's time will also come. On the other hand, Arun screams with a chili attack that someone should pour water on him. According to the information, Abhishek and Manara leave the buzzer and they are out of the game. After Team A, Team B will perform, after which complete details of the nominated contestants will be revealed.

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